I get addicted to dating sites when I was single. Maybe you are already tired of searching for a date in your country and never have the luck. Well here is the fact I know, a  lot of Filipinas want to date or marry foreigners. Read below for the good characteristics of a FIlipina.


Being True to Traditional Traits

This quality makes them a great wife-to-be for so many men. They treasure the values they have learn even when they get old thus making them nice wives.


Mostly, Filipinas can resolve things in tactfully and they are very patient. They avoid arguments and don't want to be pushed to it. They believe that any misunderstanding, no matter how big can be resolved peacefully. They are good companions most of all during tough times cause they are good listeners.


They love to do even little things which could please their partners.They love taking pictures, cause pictures contain memories need to be treasured. They always treasure memories with their beloved. 

They always want their man to be happy.I know a lot of Filipinas like me who love to cook and bake. The way to a man's heart is to fill his tummy like what a quote says. Baking and cooking are such pleasurable activities. They are involved in our hobbies.  Baked or cooked at home goodies are tastier and yummier than those bought in fastfoods or restaurants that's why we love those activities.


Filipinas do everything with passion. They are passionate in what they believe in and they are not afraid of showing it. They are just true to themselves and will never hide whatever she feels and they express it in an intense manner.


This quality is so admired by Filipino men.They are dedicated and determined on whatever they love to do resulting to success in the future. I know a lot of Filipino women who are successful in their field whether teaching, business etc. They can are sustainable to tasks given. So why not find a love who is destined to be successful .


They know a lot of ways on dealing with whatever problems they come up with. They maximize whatever resources they have and they can come up with a solution fast and elegant. They do their responsibilities well


Filipinas have a strong belief in monogamy. This is what make them the best wife ever in the world. They are always loyal to their beloved partner. 

Why not start dating a Filipina. I know a lot of foreigners who have successful relationships with foreign men. Get ready to find the love you are waiting for. Take action and believe that you will find the Filipina women you are destined to be with.

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Depression is common among mental disorder sufferers. Several people suffer from depression maybe directly or indirectly. It could be through a friend or family member or some circumstances like chemical imbalance and many others. People are frequently confused about what depression really is and why is it distinct from the mere emotion of feeling down. Confusion is also usual around various types of depression.

Depression portrays a lot of symptoms including helplessness, feelings of irrational guilt, worthlessness, pessimism, anxiety, persistent sadness, fatigue, decreased energy and “empty” mood. They gradually do not gain pleasure or take interest anymore in hobbies, talents or activities they previously loved; this may involve playing games, drawing, or hanging out with friends. Oversleeping, early-morning awakening and insomnia are all common. Some may experience unnoticeable weight gain and overeating or lack of appetite and weight loss. In worst cases, suicidal thoughts and attempted suicides are common. Like an anxiety sufferer, a person who is depressed experiences trouble in making decisions, remembering and concentrating. Physical signs of depressive illness are chronic pain, digestive disorders and headaches. If you felt a number of the said symptoms, you are probably depressed.

Numerous forms of depression exist including seasonal affective disorder, psychotic depression, chronic depression or dysthymia, major depression, and bipolar disorder.  Major depressive disorder is the most remarkable of the depression types. It affects a lot of people. Its symptoms interfere wholly with the person’s life for instance relationships and work. In psychotic depression, the person experiences psychosis or he becomes unrealistic as he can have paranoia, delusions or hallucinations. Bipolar disorder or manic depression involves manic episodes then depressive periods and normal mood moments in between. Seasonal affective disorder also referred to as summer depression, summer blues, winter depression or winter blues. It is a mood disorder in which a person who has normal mental health undergoes depressive symptoms all through summer or winter within the whole year. Chronic depression or dysthymia is less in severity compared to major depressive disorder. The symptoms may last for two years or more.

Even though depression has a lot of types, there are also various options for the cure.  There are antidepressant medicines like Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or SSRIs which are usually the most prescribed to patients. Examples of which are sertraline, vortioxetine, paroxetine, escitalopram,citalopram and fluoxetine. Newer types of antidepressants called Serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors or SNRIs are also used. These include duloxetine, desvenlafaxine, venlafaxine and levomilnacipran. There are also Tricyclic antidepressants or TCAs which were the earlier medications for depression. These involves trimipramine, imipramine, protriptyline, desipramine, nortriptyline, doxepin, and amitriptyline. Monoamine oxidase inhibitors or MAOIs were the earliest forms of depression medications. They include phenelzine, isocarboxazid, and transdermal selegiline and tranylcypromine. Some other medications are trazodone, mirtazapine and bupropion.

Another considered cure for depression includes psychotherapy or talk therapy which studies proved as an impressive treatment for depression. Some have discovered that it is a good combination with medications. A test undergone was able to convey the useful combination of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with medication to treat depression. Several other options for the treatment of depression exist including lifestyle changes.

A person with depression should never lose hope cause there are still several ways to beat it off. You must avail yourself of some modes of treatment which will keep it at bay like obtaining therapy, medications, regular sleep, managing stress,exercise, diet and medications. Purchasing a self-help book to ward off negative thoughts is also recommended. Trying to see the world in an optimistic, hopeful, and promising light is one of the powerful salvations from depression. A good quality book is written by David Buns called “Feeling Good.”


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“Paramore,”  a  renowned band from  Franklin, Tennessee was started in 2004. My  favorite Hayley Williams is the lead vocalist. The guitarist is Taylor York and the bassist is Jeremy Davis. It was in 2005 when the group released its debut album called “All We Know is Falling.” The next Album “Riot!” was released in 2007. The 3rd album “Brand New Eyes,” is one of the band’s highest charting albums. The fourt album, “Paramore” hits the number 1 spot on the US’s billboard charts.Amazingly, it had been the top album in UK, Argentina, Mexico , New Zealand, Brazil, Ireland and Australia.

Like their page here.. PARAMORE.
Listen to them HERE.

“All Time Low,” a pop punk band formed in 2003, is from the suburb of Baltimore, Towson, Maryland.
The band is composed of the rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist Alex Gaskarth, the backing vocalist and lead guitarist Jack Barakat, the backing vocalist and bassist Zack Merrick, and finally the drummer Rian Dawson. The name of the band is derived from the lyrics of New Found Glory’s song “Head on Collision.” The band has released a live album, 2 extended plays and four albums.

My favorite song of them is "REMEMBERING SUNDAY." from the album “So Wrong, It’s Right.”

In 2002, the Amercan rock band "Flyleaf” is established in Temple and Belton, Texas regions. The band has been part of the charts on genres Christian metal, Christian rock and mainstream rock.  “Flyleaf,” thir eponymous album made them perform in 2002  around US. One million copies have been sold which made it gone platinum. On December 24, 2007 they were dubbed  MTV’s artist of the year. In March 2006, they became the band of the month of Yahoo’s Who’s next winning one of’s online poll.

You can create several arrows and arrowheads with the use of Adobe Illustrator. The Illustrator is a vast graphical software which you can explore to do your customized arrows.The methods below can give you choices of arrows you may want to include in your art:

Using Shapes and Pathfinder tool
Using the Stroke Panel
Using Brushes
Using Symbols

Using Shapes and Pathfinder tool:

The Pathfinder tool could be a big help on creating your arrows with the use of shapes. Below is an example using two basic shapes.

1. Create a Rectangle (M) and a triangle. A triangle can be created using the star tool or the polygon tool.

Click on the polygon tool or star tool,  Click on the artboard once then a dialog box will appear. Enter 3 in the sides or points textbox.

2. Make the two shapes slightly overlap each other.

3.  Press Shift and click on the two shapes then go to the Pathfinder Panel (Go to Window>Pathfinder or Ctrl+Shift+F9). Click onthe Unite button.

4. Now the two shapes have combined.  You can use this technique on any shape you wish to create.

Using the Stroke Panel :

In this part we will add arrowheads and tail to a single line.

1. Create a single curved or straight line using the pen tool(P) or the Line Segment tool(\).
2. Select the line and open the Stroke Panel. Hover to Window and choose Stroke (Ctrl+F10).
3. Go to the "Arrowhead" section and select the arrowhead and tails you desire.

Using Brushes:

1. Hover to Window and choose Brushes (F5) .
2. Click the fly-out menu, select Open brush library then Arrows.

3. Select which of the three arrow libraries(Pattern Arrows, Arrows_Standard or Arrows_Special) you desire. These are the arrow libraries available in Cs6 Illustrator.
4. By using the Paintbrush tool (B), you can paint your own arrow from the arrow libraries. Go ahead and try the different ways available.

Using Symbols:

1. To use the Illustrator's preset symbols, Go to Window and select Symbols to open the Symbols panel (Shift+Control+F11).
2. Open the Symbols panel's fly-out menu, hover to "Open Symbol Library" and click on the "Arrows" Library.
3. Then drag and drop the arrow you selected into the artboard.

Now I'm ready to showcase my own visual arts.. I've drawn these the previous years.and I'm bursting with excitement on this.
In the first drawing, I have drawn the fairytale princesses. Fairy tale enthusiasts may have known them so well. I love fairytales when I was a child. I love the inspirational and moral lessons brought by the stories.

I've drawn them fist using my pencil and traced them when my ball pen..Then colored them with paint.

This 2nd drawing is based from the "Muses of Zeus," the one I saw on a newspaper. I made my own version.
This last drawing derives from my own idea. I've used the concept of the four elements: Earth, Wimd, Fire and Water.

Creating your own blog is an exciting and impelling task. You may do it as a hobby or part time. Blogger is a blogging software for one or several users.Google hosts it at the subdomain It has a user-friendly way of showcasing an individual's own creative ideas, personal matters or anything one desires to convey.
Note: Make sure you signed up for a Google account. Create a Google account or use your google account.

1. Go to "" sign in.
2. On the Blogger Dashboard, Click on "New Blog" button.

3. The Create a Blog dialog box will appear. Think of a title and address for your blog. Make sure to choose unique ones. Click "Create blog" button.
4. Click the orange "Pencil" button. Now you're ready to create new posts.
5. You can publish the post immediately by clicking the "Publish" button or Save it as a draft at first by clicking the "Save button"

1. In your Dashboard, Click the downward button near the "View blog" button.

2. Choose "Template".
3. Click the "Backup/Restore" gray button.
4. Click the button "Download full Template".
5. Select the area on where you want to place the xml file.
6. Then Save.


1. Repeat steps 1 to 3.
2. Click the "Choose File" button
3. Navigate to and select your .xml backup file.
4. Click "Upload" .