Now I'm ready to showcase my own visual arts.. I've drawn these the previous years.and I'm bursting with excitement on this.
In the first drawing, I have drawn the fairytale princesses. Fairy tale enthusiasts may have known them so well. I love fairytales when I was a child. I love the inspirational and moral lessons brought by the stories.

I've drawn them fist using my pencil and traced them when my ball pen..Then colored them with paint.

This 2nd drawing is based from the "Muses of Zeus," the one I saw on a newspaper. I made my own version.
This last drawing derives from my own idea. I've used the concept of the four elements: Earth, Wimd, Fire and Water.

  1. Jessiemar Gagarin September 21, 2013 at 9:27 AM  

    nice drawings! inspires me to draw again too.